Problems to use with GoGrinder

It's very easy to add problems to your collection - just put the SGF files in a subdirectory of the GoGrinder problems directory. You can organize them into folders however you like - this will change how they are shown in the selection dialog. Many of the collections below will have multiple problems stored in one SGF file. Use the Split command to separate them so that they can be used with GoGrinder.

Places to get problems

  • has 3000+ problems, and they work with GoGrinder. You can dowload them here.
  • Cho's Encyclopedia of Life and Death is an excellent collection containing almost 3000 Life and Death problems with solutions and refutations for wrong answers. It can be ordered from Kiseido. Last time I checked their website, it was not listed, but I was still able to order the product by phone. The problems on the CD are in a non-standard format, but you can use a utility to convert the problems to SGF. Bill Shubert has written a C program to do this. Ulrich Goertz has translated the program to Python, and it is available here.
  • There are several collections of problems, totalling about 1800, available here. Logo